About Us

As Mutcan Poultry;

Mutcan, which has been producing industrial sheets professionally for 30 years, has been producing for poultry factory manufacturers, cage and equipment manufacturers, chicken and egg farms and international distributors since 2016; It offers the production and supply of PP Fertilizer Tape, PP Perforated Fertilizer Tape and Egg Conveyor Belt to the world market.

Consistent Quality

Our focus in every product we produce; It is 100% customer needs and satisfaction.

In our integrated production process, we work with PP raw material, which we have great experience with, and we prefer our recipes that we prepare for analysis in every product we produce.

We are the solution partner you can trust for your poultry industry needs.

Mission and Vision

With the finished products we produce; “Delivering the best user experience from processor to end consumer.”

To produce superior quality, value-added products that offer good experiences to users.

Our Environment and Quality Policy

Our focus is; To continuously improve our quality in production and sales and to meet customer demands at the highest level.


Being aware of our responsibility towards life while integrating our resources with reuse and recycling methods in the most effective way. It is to deliver the products that can be produced in high quality, on time and without errors.


To adhere to the quality standards we have in our production process and to meet the legal regulations.


Factory: Çalık Halil Mah. Sarıyer San. Böl. Kanal Cad. No: 22/A Çalı – Nilüfer

Phone: (0224) 482 34 22-23
Fax: (0224)482 34 25

Head Office: Akçaburgaz Mah. Halil Fahri Orman Cad. No:13 Esenyurt
Phone: (0212) 858 07 40-41
Fax:(0212)858 07 24



Our Working Hours:

Monday-Friday: 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 08:00- 13:00

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